Relocation to Hua Hin


Moving home can be a particularly stressful event in a family's life. There are other people to consider, so many issues to deal with, many little things to remember.

Consider all the factors when deciding on the best time for you to move and allow enough lead time for the family to perform all the pre-move activities as well as allow the mover to schedule your move. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, indicate the parameters at origin and also at destination. This will allow the company to work within the requirements, scheduling packing teams, vehicles and international shipping in the most appropriate manner. If you stay flexible, it should make a difference.

Things to concider

Check that all caps, tops etc. are secure. Use clear nail varnish to seal where cap meets bottle and/or tape the tops on. Check the instructions, your physician or pharmacist as to safe transport of medicines, particularly prescription items. Also check the foreign regulations as to prescription medications such as sleeping aids, tranquilizers etc.

Furniture Hardware
It is generally recommended that inexpensive or self-assembled furniture made of particle (chip) board be disassembled prior to transport. Owners are encouraged to do this before the packing team arrives.
Hardware, remotes and important but small items be placed into plastic bags and then into the Essentials Carton.

Kitchen Foods In-Use
Tea, sugar, jam, etc., should be packed together. Remember that only dried foods, tins and spices can be sent for storage, no liquids, oils etcetera are acceptable. Open food items should not be packed and shipped internationally. Hermetically sealed foods and canned items may be packed however there may be regulations at destination that limit or prohibit this practice. Ask your Move consultant.

Strip beds and leave bedding folded on the mattress.

Crockery & Cutlery
Wash up any crockery or cutlery and place them with your glass and china. If you have undertaken to pack yourself, use white paper when packing.

Garden Equipment
Have garden tools cleaned and assembled together.

Entertainment Equipment
Are best moved in their original packing so it's worth having them available or getting replacement boxes from your dealer. If not our removalists will modify packing materials for this task. Disconnect cords and leads from stereo, computer, TV etc. Remove Speakers from the wall or disconnect from your stereo.

Money, Jewellery, Documents
You are entirely responsible for the transit of those valuables, unless you have taken out an insurance policy specifically covering them for the move. It's best to take them with you personally. Make sure you set aside all passports, birth certificates, car log books and other documents you may require either during the move or before your goods are delivered to your new home. Make up a special carton labeled "DO NOT REMOVE" and ensure that this is kept to one side.


After your goods are packed, they will pass into the hands of other organisations including shipping companies, airlines and handling agents. Most shipments reach their final destination in good condition, but from time to time accidents do happen for a variety of reasons. It is for those reasons that because personal insurance policies (homeowners, renters, or automobile policies) likely provide very limited, if any coverage for goods in transit, we strongly advise that you take out insurance.

Thai Custom

When making plans for relocation to Thailand you need to take into account that you will have to pay import duties. Thai Custom officials will estimate value of goods imported. In case you think that this estimate is to high, you can appeal within 30 days of getting the Customs valuation.

The import duties and tax can for cars, electrical goods and many other items can be very high. Many goods can be relatively inexpensive bought in Thailand. Very often it isn't worth the hassle to bringing a lot of things over to thailand.

For more information visit Thai Custom Website