Property in Thailand

Thailand investment outlook

A number of factors such as political uncertainty, legislation changes seen as less favorable to foreign investment and the economic slowdown have hurt confidence of both local and foreign investors.

However, a common consensus among these investors is that the difficult situation that Thailand is now going through would be for a short term only and the economy as well as the property sector would look up once the new general election will takes place.

Hua Hin Property outlook
Though outlook of the Hua Hin property market has remained strong this year.  Resort home developments in Hua Hin, earmarked for both the Thai and expatriate market offer a lot of opportunity for property players. This bodes well for both the flourishing tourism industry, and the potential to attract further overseas investment.  Quality properties in Hua Hin are much sought after as the market continues to struggle to balance supply against demand.

Buying Property
Buying condominiums is a relatively easy process as long you have founds in place to buy condominium in your country. Foreign condominium purchasers are prohibited from borrowing money locally to purchase a condominium. Foreign ownership regulations state that all funds used to purchase a condominium must come from overseas in foreign currencies.

Buying house is more complex as either land ownership (Thai Person) or lease ownership is involved. Make sure that you get advice from a genuinely registered lawyer. Foreigners cannot own land, they can only lease it for 30 years.