Hua Hin School has financial problems

On Thursday 18 December 2008 I have spoken to Director General of Hua Hin School Khun Cham-ni Sae-tang. He has been recently transferred from Samroiyod School. He said that Hua Hin School has 2,239 students but currently there are not enough classrooms for all of them and some students have lessons in a tent.

Now everyday three classrooms have to move out the building to a big tent setup next to the school. Hua Hin Scholl also does not have enough teachers, 32 % less than the number of teachers required. At the moment there are 9 numbers on permanent basis, 35 teachers employed on temporary basis, 18 Thai and 11 foreign hired teacher and 6 school caretakers.

Director General Cham-ni Sae-tang said that since 1992 (16 years ago) Hua Hin School has not received budget from the Ministry of Education, even though Hua Hin School is a government school.

Khun Cham-ni said that former Director General Khun Anu Jiranuwat has tried expand school and build more classrooms for students. But he had only 2 million baht of donated money but cost of construction of a new building is 19.5 million baht.

Khun Cham-ni spoke with Governor Khun Panchai Borwornratanapran who is also concerned about the situation. Governor has approached some businessman and has asked for money donations. Thanks to his efforts consultant of Winery Plus Ltd, Flight Lieutenant Sa-ard Sob-Satrasorn came to see the situation at Hua Hin School and has decided donate money to the school. About two months ago, former Director General Anu Jiranuwat has arranged robes presenting to monks ceremony at Hua Hin School. Pra-kru Kajit-Dham-sopol from Susumrarn Temple has donated 500,000 Baht, Khun Chumpone Choke-su-charti Leader of Village Scout Club has donated 500,000 Baht, Sukseri family has donated 500,000 Baht and there was another donation of 2.5 million baht. But more money is needed to finish construction of the new school building.

If you would like donate money to Hua Hin School building project please contact Director General Cham-ni Sae-tang directly.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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