Provincial Conciliatory Committee meeting

On Wednesday 11 March 2008 Chief Judge of the Provincial Court Khun Pralom Kashane has arranged a meeting of the Conciliatory Committee members in order to review the committee responsibilities. Currently there is a backlog of civil cases being heard by the court. Many of cases can be heard by the committee.

Khun Pralom Kashane said that the Conciliatory Committee has reached it target in dealing with cases and but the Provincial Court has many civil cases waiting to be heard therefore he has decided to transfer all the civil cases to the Conciliatory Committee. The committee will need to make adjustments to their working style.

1. To setup the date & time for cases for as early as possible.

2. To improve public relation of the committee.

3. To promote efficiency within the committee.

4. To present an evidence showing that the committee is beneficial to the public.

Chairman of the committee Amnouy Noriwong has proposed to employ permanent member of staff which will help with the workload of the committee and will assist with the public relation. The committee has agreed with his proposal.

Khun Pralom Kashane and Khun Amnouy Noriwong have agreed that the committee should hold another meeting on Monday 25 March 2008.

Before close of the meeting Khun Amnouy has informed the committee that there will training session for committee members during 22-23 March 2008 at conference room of Wanara Hotel in Hua Hin. All one hundred members of Court Part 7 will take part in the training.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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