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Traditional Thai massage is the medicinal massage practiced by the Buddhist monks of Thailand. This massage has been handed down from master to student for the last 2,500 years. Thai massage combines acupressure points from China and assisted yogic stretching from India, which open up the body energetically and physically.

Traditional Thai massage increases vascular activity which breaks up and moves trapped toxins. But Thai massage is unique because it directs all the toxins out, both energetically and physiologically.

Consequently, people don’t feel sedated after a session. On the contrary, clients feel centered and grounded when the massage is over. Another unique aspect of this massage form is that the stretches are administered to the client’s limits.

Traditional Thai massage is characterized by its holistic approach to health. Its goal is to enhance not only one’s physical and emotional state but also to allow one to grow spiritually.

Traditional Thai massage is an amazing and relaxing experience. It is highly recommended for sports injuries, stress relief, and general health.

At Petchkasem Road next to the golden place and the kings palace you can be massaged by very good professional blind masseurs. This is a royal project. Very little English is spoken but don't worry as you will be in professional hands.

There are over 50 massage shops in Hua Hin. All good hotels in Hua Hin offer traditional Thai massage service.

Hua Hin SPA

Thailand is the 'spa capital of Asia'. While the spa concept may have been 'borrowed', Thailand has done it better. Thai spas really do have it all. Nowhere else in the region will you find such variety and value framed in a perfect blend of Western leisure concepts and traditional Asian well-being therapies.

The quality of the Thai spa product offered is unquestionably world-class and unsurpassed, particularly the level of service offered. Service and hospitality are vital assets and are key differentiating factors attributed to a centuries-old tradition of gracious hospitality and service. This is complemented by the friendly and caring nature and gentle ways of the Thai people. Thai spas offer exceptional value for money.

Thailand's winning spa formula goes beyond service excellence. A rich heritage that embodies a time-honoured healing tradition based on herbal and holistic remedies, generations of folk wisdom, and centuries-old healing techniques, some of which reflect deep-rooted Buddhist influences, embellishes the Thai spa experience.

Hua Hin has a world class Chiva Som Resort and SPA. Focusing on greater well-being and vitality, Chiva-Som offers extensive fitness, spa and holistic health facilities to help you relax, restore and rejuvinate.

Many resorts and hotels in Hua Hin provide Day Spa facilities and services where you can enjoy  relaxing massage and spa treatments.