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Hua Hin Water

Water supplies in Hua Hin are provided by the Waterworks Division of the Hua Hin Municipality. The water is pumped from Pranburi Reservoir to a water purification plant Damnoenkasem Road. Mains water supplies all properties in the Hua Hin area, but many properties have additional tanks for water storage. As Hua Hin has expanded rapidly during last 2 years, there is currently higher risk of water shortage. Most houses should have a spare water tank containing at least 2,000 litres of water for washing/toilet flushing in the event of a temporary disconnection. Disconnection, if it happens, will normally be announced beforehand so that you have time to prepare to keep sufficient stocks of water.

Tap water is not suitable for drinking, cooking or washing food but is fine for bathing. Quality of tap water depend on the pipe network that carries it. It is a norm to drink bottled drinking water as it is readily and cheaply available.


Hua Hin Water officeHua Hin Drainage

Not all parts of Hua Hin have a drainage system. Where there is no drainage system, properties have waste tanks and waste water is simply soaked inside land at your property.

Hua Hin Water Office

Water bills are paid at the Waterworks Division of the Hua Hin Municipality from 8 am to 4 pm on Mondays to Fridays. The office is situated between Hua Hin Minicipality and the railway station.One cubic meter of water cost between 4 - 15Baht dependt on amount of water used.

Hua Hin Water ReservuarThailand rainfalls and water management

Water resources, which are crucial for everyone's life, are facing increasing competing because of growing populations, urbanization and industrialization. The Thai Government has started implement a systematic solution to water problems, so as to effectively prevent floods and drought on a sustainable basis. Thailand’s annual average rainfall is 800,000 cubic metres, but can only retain 70,000. Only 40,000 cubic metres of rain can actually be used. Thailand consists of 25 river basins, with an annual rainfall between 1,200 and 2,700 millimeters but at the moment only about 20 percent, can be stored in reservoirs. The Government is in the process of making a substantial investment in regulating water in all major river basins of the country.

Pranburi Reservoir

Pranburi Reservoir Pranburi Reservoir
Pranburi Reservoir Pranburi Reservoir