Hua Hin Television

Thai TV

Thailand has five channels of free television service: Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 11. All the other Thai channels are technically owned by the Thai government.

As Thai TV is in the Thai language, and since most expats can't understand Thai well, then you will only be interested in getting English language TV.

Hua Hin Cable TV
Cable TV is available in most tourist places. It's usually cheap (about 350 to 450,- Baht (month) but you have to check the channel list first. At some places, they put only the free TV Channels on the cable which you could also receive with you own dish.

Hua Hin Cable TV makes a relatively cost-saving choice to viewers in Hua Hin, with 63 local and overseas channels offered at the rate of 300 baht/month. New subscribers pay a 200-baht installation fee.

Hua Hin Cable TV offers a fair range of local cable television channels like.VH1 (the US), TV5 (France), RAI International (Italy), DW (Germany), BBC World (England), Fox News (the US), CCTV (China), Australia International (Australia), sport channel Real Madrid (Spain), wrestling show Z (Japan), variety television Channel Nepal (Nepal) and ZEE Smile (India).

For subscription, call 032-512-558, 032-530-217 or 032-530-218       

Hua Hin Satellite TVHua Hin Satelite TV

Cable TV carrying a selection of foreign language channels is available in most areas. Alternatively, you may wish to subscribe to UBC satellite TV also know as TrueVision. UBC Satellite Pay TV delivers an acceptable TV program with up to 75 channels in the Platinium package. When you sign up for UBC, watch out for their Promos, sometimes you get real good offers.

TrueVisions Platinum Package (2,115 baht / month) subscribers to this top package enjoy the full range of 76 leading channels presenting an extensive array of entertainments (Sony-produced AXN, sport channel ESPN, movie channelHBO, dispenser of popular US-produced celebrity shows Star World, etc), knowledge (Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, Animal Planet, etc) and reports of world events as well as international sport scenes (CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, etc).

TrueVisions Gold Package (1,567 baht / month) coming to the second close to the Platinum Package, the Gold Package presents to its viewers 67 channels out of the full range. Some entertainment channels are missing (movie channel MGM, National Geographic Adventure, American celebrity show Star World, cartoon channel ANIMAX) while the main ones in each category remain.

TrueVisions Silver Package (905 baht / month) the Silver Package features a few missing pieces to the Gold Package. However, main international channels that are shown through the Gold Package are absent (CNN, CNBC, BBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, HBO, Star Movie, Cartoon Network, etc).

TrueVisions Knowledge Package (also known as the Bronze Package) (495 baht / month) the Knowledge Package, or the Bronze Package, mainly carries TrueVisions-owned channels, covering multiple categories of contents imported from the overseas as well as locally produced. Almost all of the internationally-produced/owned channels are excluded from this package.

In subscribing, you are required to pay a 2,000-baht deposit and a certain amount of activation fee. The rate of activation fee varies according to promotions in effect at the time, which means new customers are not charged for the system activation in some periods. The 2,000-baht deposit will be refunded when you terminate the service after at least 6 months of subscription.

To subscribe to TrueVisions  02-615-9000 ext. 6209.

satelite kitFree Satellite TV

In recent years not only the number of satellites that serve TV station signals have increased dramatically, also the number of stations per satellite have gone up significantly.

To get the most out of your sattelite Television viewing experience, if is sometimes necessary to upgrade your satellite receiver's firmware. Besides possible updates of your system software, these updates usually include the latest updates / additions of satellites, transponders or TV frequencies and if you have not been updated these manually, you may find that there are a lot news TV stations to watch after each upgrade / update.

Satellite Dish are available as static or moveable and cost between about 7000Baht and 18,000 Baht. For the satellite available in Asia you need at least a 1.8 or 2 meter dish. You will not receive anything with a small .6 or even 1 meter dish. There are several satellites in the area, the one with the most channels is probably Asia SAT.