Hua Hin Refuse Collection

Hua Hin Municipality is responsible for collecting and transporting of refuse. Refuse collection service is free.

Households are told to place their rubbish bags in front of their dwellings between 18:00 and 03:00 on the specified day. This facilitates the collection process and avoids the risk of bin rummaging.

In addition, all over Hua Hin there are bins for waste collection. Close to schools there are signs urging school children to put their rubbish into waste bins and keep Hua Hin clean.

Mr. Siraphan Kamolpramote, Mayor of Hua-Hin, has signed recently a contract with the Single Point Energy and Environment Company Ltd., to start the plastic garbage recycling project. This project will turn plastic garbage into fuel.

In order to succesfully turn plastic into fuel, Hua Hin Municipality needs segragate the garbage into different categories of waste. Each day around 100 tons waste is collected.

The initially 50 million baht will be provided for the installation of equipment by the Prachuab Kirikhan Provincial Administration and by Ministry of Energy.