Hua Hin Police Department

Hua Hin Police Station

The police station is situated on Damnoen Kasem Road.
Emergency Tel: 191

Hua Hin Tourist Police

Hua Hin Tourist Police office is situated at Damnoen Kasem Road Tel 1155.

Hua Hin Railway Police

Hua Hin Railway Police office is situated at Damnoen Kasem Road next to Hua Hin Train Station Tel 032- 511047

If you require police help, you should in first instance call Hua Hin Tourist Police. All officers of the Tourist Police speak English and will be able assist you with your problem.

Thai Police

The Thai police are trustworthy and reasonable, and often have adequate English skills. When dealing with the Thai Police you should follow the guidelines below:

  • In case you are caught in a conflict, keep your calm. In Thai society, keeping your calm is very important.
  • Conflicts are dealt with as amicably and reasonably as possible in order to minimize loss of face of either party of a conflict.
  • Thai Police usually do not get involved in personal disputes unless there is a threat of injury.
  • If you have an accident, do not run away from the scene as you may be presumed guilty.
  • The Thai Police treat foreigners who are dressed well and behave politely with respect as long as foreigners treat Thais in the same way.

Thai police are usually courteous, do not speak tough and will truly listen. However, if you treat them with disrespect or aggression, then you will quickly find out that Thai Police can act decively.