Silpakorn University Research Fair I

The Research and Development Institute, Silpakorn University in collaboration with the Research Network of the Lower-Central Region of Thailand  organized the “Silpakorn University Research Fair I” on the occasion of the 80th  anniversary  of the birth of  His Majesty the King Rama IX and the 65th anniversary of the founding of Silpakorn University. The conference was held on Thursday 22, November 2007 at the Silpa Pirasri Grand Meeting Room, Faculty of Decorative Art, Silpakorn University, Nakornpathom Campus. It was aimed  at activating and promoting the atmosphere for carrying out research in the university as well as in the Lower-Central region of Thailand.  The Target group is academic staff, students, communities and all who  are interested in the research. Activities were as follow :

  • 1.       Plenary discussion on  the 1+1+1 identity of Silpakorn University Research and Bangkok and its suburbs; the cultural area of Art and Applied Art Research.
  • 2.       Oral presentation in 8 seminar rooms with 71 topics.
  • 3.       Poster presentation of 74 topics

Both oral and poster presentations were categorized into 4 groups as follow :

  • ·       Science and Applied Science.
  • ·       Social Science and Humanities.
  • ·       Art and Applied Art.
  • ·       The Research Network of the Lower-Central Region of Thailand.
  • 4.       Exhibition of Academic research products from 13 faculties and 3 centres of Silpakorn University, the research network in the lower-central region of Thailand, other government  institutions and the private sector.
  • 5.       Award presentation:
  • ·       The winners of the motto and logo competition for  the conference.
  • ·       Best poster presentation.

The committee of Silpakorn University Research Fair are deeply grateful to the President of Silpakorn University Council, who presided over the conference. Many thanks are also extended to all who contributed their presentations to the conference, the peer reviewers, and the committee for  poster presentations. Last but not least are all supporters, who kindly provided T-shirts, soft drinks, snacks and souvenirs for 500 attendants.

Website : Research and Development Institute, Silpakorn University (SURDI)

Website : Research Network of the Lower-Central Region of Thailand

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Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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