Rachapat Phetchaburi University

Rachapat University Phetchaburi

Rachapat Phetchaburi University ,founded in 1926, is a local institution and well known in the Phetchaburi and the central part of Thailand. Khun Eksak Bootlup,a professor and Rector at Ratchapat Phetchaburi says, " The Ratchapat Phetchaburi University is a well known Institution. It has a duty to contribute to technical research of all services and to make sure Students graduate with a high level of Education within their respective fields. The University helps locally by producing researchers, engineers, artists and teachers ."

Khun Rawiwong Srithonroong the Vice professor and acting a Vice Rector of Ratchapat Phetchaburi University said, " ”Ratchapat”  HM the Majesty the King who  presented the Name, means “The King’s human, our Kingdom “  the Ratchapat  University. We are conscious of mind forever, so we stress to the graduate have knowledge with virtue and to call to mind that we are Thai and support long life".

Khun Sujinda  Onkeay  a General Director of  Administrative Section was in support of developing education within the local working community, "The University offers the Public under the working sector a chance to gain further education in order to gain improved knowledge and experiance through higher education oppurtunities."

     Khun Arkom Srithongroong, Vice Professor as Director, General of present the education Prachuab Khiri Khan Center says, "At Present, this centre is performing well with subjects taught at a high standard and for all levels and I am proud that the centre is setup in order to benefit the knowledge of the local people."

Finally, Khun Umpol Tohtob a Managing Director of Ratchapat Nakornpthom University voiced his opinion, "In our University it is necessary to have faith in Higher Education Institutions for the benefit of people and local development. The University provides many Courses with extensive flexibility. The University welcomes all races, religion, economic status and age which leads to better intergration and diversity within the University."

Ratchat University Phetchaburi Ratchat University Phetchaburi
Ratchat University Phetchaburi Ratchat University Phetchaburi

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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