Rachapat Phetchaburi University Committee discuss Educational Fund

Rachapat Phetchaburi UniversityOn Saturday 15  September 2007 Managing Director of Education Center at the Rachapat Phetchaburi University Assistant  Professor Arkom  Sritongroong has invited the Education Committee for a meeting to discuss Educational Fund.

Members of the Education Committee have agreed to present robes to Buddhist monk at a temple to thank you for money donated to the Educational Fund.

Khun Arkom have proposed to increase the fund for students studying for for a Bachelor  Degree from 3000Baht to 5000Baht and for students studying for a Master Degree from 5000Baht to 10000Baht. He has estimated that about 10% of students relay of the Educational Fund to fund their studies.

Anyone wishing to make donation to the Educational Fund of Rachapat Phetchaburi University should contact any member of the Education Committee.

Rachapat Phetchaburi University In the evening member Education Committee Major General Yuthasilp Harm-Amphai has arranged a retirement party for Dept Professor Rawiwong Sriongroong who has retired after working at Rachapat Phetchaburi University for fourty years. This was also a very good occasion for reunion of retired teachers and old students.

During her time at Rachapat Phetchaburi University Professor Rawiwong Sriongroong has touch almost one hundred thousand students. Her retirement party was very emotional for her teaching colleagues and students. Some of the guests have traveled by plane from Ubol Ratchathani province. During the party there were many Thai shows and members of the Education Committee have sung many songs. 

Khun Rawiwong has run Education Center of Rachapat Phetchaburi University located in Hua Hin. The center is renting premises at Hua Hin government school for about 6 years now. The Education Center offers chance for poorer students to continue their studies. The center is also open to foreigners living in Hua Hin. They can study Thai Language and learn how to cook Thai food. Khun Rawiwon have decided continue to run the center for another 15 months even though she has reached her retirement age.

Rachapat Phetchaburi University Rachapat Phetchaburi University

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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