Demonstration against construction of Tesco Lotus and Macro in Pranburi

Hua Hin Court meetingOn Wednesday 5 September 2007 at 10.00 am, a crowd of over one thousand Pranburi residents have blocked the main road in Pranburi, Phetchakasem Road and the Pranburi bypass road. The crowd was protesting against construction of Tesco Lotus and Macro hypermarkets in Pranburi. Admiral General Bannawit Kengrean was the leader of the protest.

The car traffic came to a standstill. Admiral General Bannawit has announced from a platform that local residents are against construction of Tesco Lotus and Macro hypermarkets in Pranburi. The Macro hypermarket in under construction at Wangyao Village and Tesco Lotus is under construction in front of Pranburi District. 

Admiral General said that both hypermarket chains have wealth money available for investment from foreign shareholders and the profits will be taken back overseas. The big companies make small shop owner bankrupt. He has asked the protesting crowd to force both hypermarkets out of Pranburi District.

Pranburi protest against Macro and Tesco LotusThe protesters had waited until the Governor Khun Prasong Pitulkisja and Vice-Governor Khun Sanit Boonkohsakul have arrived. Admiral General has spoken to Khun Prasong and Khun Sanit for almost two hours. At the end of their discussion the Governor has promised to report residents concerns to Ministry of Interior.

Afterwards Admiral General  has informed the protesters about the result of his negotiations with the Governor and has asked protesters to end the blockade of the road.

During the protest the policemen have worked very hard for many hours to try control the situation as all the truck drivers stuck in the traffic jam were extremely angry. They drive their trucks from Bangkok to the southern provinces and cover over one thousand kilometers during their trip. Today they have been delayed for several hours.

Hua Hin Court meeting Hua Hin Court meeting

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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