Merit for monks by local universities

Monks living in the south provinces have problem with collection of food from villages. Many of them were killed by the terrorists operating in the south. There has been food shortage among the monks and many of the monks are starving.

On the 23rd of June, Mr. Sophon Piersanit, representative of Rachamongkol Technology University & Rachapat Suan Dusit University, has invited local people to Hua Hin Municipal School to make a merit for monks from the south provinces.

Mr. Prasit Boonlikit as a Hua Hin Distict Officer has presided over the merit ceremony. One hundred monks took part in the prayers. After the prayers, monks have walked around the school area to receive dry food. About 1000 local people were present at the merit ceremony.

Mr.Sophon Piersanit, has informed, that 106,000baht and one truck of food was collected by Hua Hin people to make a merit for the monks.

The next day, the food and money was taken to the south provinces by the monk representing 361 temples from the south.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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