Khun Tuck helps with property disputes at Conciliatory Committee

Tuck Dechapanya

After together with Hua Hin Municipality have started the awareness campaign among Hua Hin expats, a substantial number of expat have contacted Khun Tuck and Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center with their problems.

There is about 400 cases waiting to be heard at the Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee presided by Khun Tuck Dechapanya.

In most cases new expats arriving to Hua Hin and accuring property have been cheated by some of the foreign developers operating in Hua Hin.

There are case where expats pay the full amount for their house and yet the developer is not willing to transfer deeds to the new owners.

Khun Tuck Dechapanya as the president of the Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee and Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center is acting as a mediator between between property buyers and project owners who are both foreigners in order to reach compromise between both parties.

Few day ago, in one civil case at the Hua Hin Court, the judge has postponed the hearing of the case for two months so it can be heard at the Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee in first instance. Civil cases drag on sometimes for years and is much quicker to resolve the cases at the Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee presided by Khun Tuck.

In another case, the buyer have paid money for the property three and half years ago and the developer was delaying transfer of the deeds. This case has been heard at Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee and the parties involved have reached agreement and the deeds land & house have been transferred already to the buyers.

Just recently an English couple have aproached Khun Tuck regarding many of faults at their property including leaking roof which the developer was not willing or was not able to rectify. They have contacted Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center and have asked Khun Tuck to reconcile in their case. This case has been heard at the Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee and the developer has agreed to construct a new house for them.

Vice Governor, Khun Sanit Boonkohsakul have said that the foreigners who run the land & house business not according with the Thai law will be scrutinised by the government and if found guilty their work permit and visa will be cancelled.

Khun Tuck Dechapanya advices that all the Hua Hin expats planning to buy the land & house in Hua Hin area should contact Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center before they sign any contract with the developers so the purchase can be discussed with the government officer in order to avoid any potential problems the buyers might be otherwise exposed to.

If situation when expats bought a property already and there is a dispute with the developer they will be directed to Khun Tuck Dechapanya for further assistance. If necessary Khun Tuck will take their cases to the Hua Hin Conciliatory Committee. You can contact Khun Tuck anytime on his mobile number: 0818994316 or on his e-mail


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