Royal Project in Khao Tao

On the 12th of August is the Birthday of HM the Queen. Her Majesty is the patron to many projects like for example Bangsai Artistic work, Ayuthaya province, clothes production at Khao Tao factory. She was also the patron of the Thai language teaching project for Khao Tao villagers. Her Majesty has started this project about 40 years ago.

Many years ago, HM the King and HM the Queen have paid almost every day a visit to Khao Tao village. One day Her Majesty has found out that many villagers didn't know how to read and write in Thai language.

So Her Majesty has started to teach the villagers Thai alphabet almost every evening. Before the start of the lessons Her Majesty took mattress from her residence for the villagers to sit on them during the lessons. Her Majesty has provided many of the books for Thai language study. Within one year all Khao Tao villagers knew how to read books.

On many occasions, Her Majesty the Queen went with HM the King to the Infantry Army Force ground. The Chief Commander has provided the weapons for shooting. Her Majestic was very good at shooting targets.

Many years ago Her Majesty the Queen with HM the King would come to Hua Hin in the summer. Very often HM the Queen and HM the King have visited local villages and have enquiried how the villagers earn their livelihood. Very often Her Majesty has suggested to the villagers to try grow new plants in order to increase their earnings.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty and many more to come.

From Tuck Dechapanya
President of Hua Hin Cultural Association

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