Running Water Insufficient for Consumers

Hua Hin Warning - Running Water Insufficient for Consumers

Hua Hin's vice Mayor explained to the Tourism Organization of Thailand and entrepreneurs in Hua Hin that there is an insufficient supply of running water. The Government is requested to either set a budget for this issue or to encourage private sectors investing in hotel businesses to show some support in this matter.

Mr.Nopporn Vuthikul, Vice Mayor of Hua Hin explained to Mr.Dhavajjay Aranyik, Director of the Central Fegion, of the Tourism Organization of Thailand, that Hua Hin is facing a serious problem with the availaility of running water. Due to the rapid growth in Hua Hin's population, and increased growth in construction of projects, hotels etc. there is now an increased strain on the fresh water supply. This is causing an imbalance on the supply and demand of the already fragile water stocks.

In accordance with the reservoir at Nong Kae, the Hua Hin Municipality is presently spending 3 million baht to reconstruct the edge of reservoir, making it higher and more capable to hold larger quantities of untreated water from Pranburi Dam. The water, subsequently, will be distributed to Nong Kae Tambon. This action is being implemented incase the water shortage becomes crtical. This will serve as a back up option. From now on, due to the imbalance between the amount of untreated water and the production, people and entrepreneurs are requested to save as much water as they possible can.

Mr.Vudhikula also added that according to the 2000 units provided to the villages, thanks to the government's patronage, constructed by a company at Ban Khao Tao, the Hua Hin Municipality was unable to link the running water system to the mentioned village because of the high rate of production taking place at Ban Khao Tao Generating Firm is limited only at 50 cubic system per hour, and appropriately, does not yet have the budget to run the action at Ban Khao Tao Generating Firm.

As for the future prospects, the administrative team is expecting more problems arising when new hotels, and residential projects are constructed, and the need of running water that is supplied from the Hua Hin Municipality is increased. The private sectors are invited to participate in helping to solve this problem by donating money to go towards the project, construction of sifting firms ect If this happens then running water production will be more balanced which will determine the desire and target expectation.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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