Hua Hin Regatta 2007

Hua Hin Regatta
Hua Hin Regatta is one of the major sailing events in the Gult of Thailand. It is organized annually with the objective to commemorate His Majesty the King win of the gold medal at Southeast Asian Games in 1967.

It may be noted, that the actual history of Hua Hin Regatta has started on 19 April 1966 when His Majesty the King has sailed a single-handed dingy "Vega" 60 nautical miles across the Gulf of Thailand. It took His Majesty 17 hours to sail from the Klai Kangwol Summer Palace to the Toey Ngam Bay at the Royal Thai Marine Headquarters in Sattahib. Following this extraordinary achievement, His Majesty the King gave the rudder of Vega to the Royal Thai Navy who, in turn gave it to the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand for use as a perpetual trophy for long distance races every year.

Hua Hin Regatta Prize presentationOn Friday 3 August 2007 time 06.30 pm at Navy Pirom Hal, Admiral General Wichai Uwanangkul Vice Commanding Officer who acted as the representative a chief Navy Commander has announced that Hua Hin Regatta is now open.

The Thailand Championship event for Laser, 420, 470, Enterprise, Catamaren and Pratu will rake place during 3-4 August 2007, for Optimist and Supermod will take place during 3-5 August 2007.
The Vega Rudder Championship event will take place on 5th August 2007.

On Friday 3 August 2007, at the harbor there were many reporters & cameraman getting ready to go to the sea by navy boat T 22 and report the Hua Hin Regata 2007 sailing competition. In each sailing group there will be about 80 sailing boats competing.

On 5th of August the representative of the King has presented the prizes to the winers.

Hua Hin Regatta winner Hua Hin Regatta winner

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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