Rachani Thai Silk Center

Chiang Mai province has the most skilled craftsman and best artist in Thailand. Chiang Mai province is the center for production of famous Thai silk.

Khun Thana Thanahabohdikul or “Mike” has preserved traditional methods of Thai silk production at the Ratchani Thai Silk Village Hua Hin.

Thai and foreign tourist can take an educational tour and learn about the history and the process of silk making.

Staff the the Ratchani village will show you how the cocoons are boiled in order to separate the web of thread and how strands from several cocoons must be pulled out simultaneously so that they will entwine to form larger, stronger threads.

Next, the threads are placed on a wheel and made into spools. While the threads are being spun, warm water is used to increase their elasticity. After this step strands are smooth, straight, and continuous throughout. Then the spools obtained are combined into plies. This ensures that the silk will not separate during weaving. From here the plies are bleached and dyed in preparation for weaving.

After the educational tour, vistors can visit the Ratchani Thai Silk Village shop where they can purchase fine Thai silk fabrics and products or request garments to be made by the Ratchani Village tailors.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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