Pol. Chief Commander leads criminal survey

On July 3 rd at 6pm on 'Eliminate Day', 310 policemen begun a survey into criminal cases in Hua Hin.

Police Colonel Genaral  Noy  Wannaphaibull a Chief Commander of Prachuab Kirikarn has led the police procession to carry out an assessment of criminal acts stemming from drugs, theft, gun crime, unfortunate circumstantial crimes and other former criminal cases.


The Chief Commander rallied the policemen to be faithful and to do their best through their duties, and in turn the people will return their trust and faith in your service, and to be proud of their accomplishments in life.
The Chief Commander of Prachuab kirikan Province finished by saying to protect the community's values in every way possible. After the inspired speech the Chief Commander went to the road and released the police procession around Hua hin.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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