Hua Hin Planning Committee Meetings

On Wednesday 1st of August 2007 at Hua Hin Municipality there was a meeting regarding revision of planning regulations in Hua Hin. Two meeting concerning the same matter took place previously. The Governor Mr. Prasong Pitulkisja and Hua Hin Planning Committee want to divide Hua Hin into zones.

.Mr. Pichate Panapong, Chief of City Planning & Public Works has explained how the Hua Hin zone system will work. Some of the Hua Hin zones will be subject to planning and development restrictions.

For example houses build next to the beach will have maximum height of 6m. Houses can be higher once they are 70m from the beach.

Next week the Hua Hin Planning Committee will survey Hua Hin areas and once the committee has a full picture of the current planning and development situation in Hua Hin another meeting will take place when a new set of Hua Hin Municipality planning regulations will be consulted with members of Hua Hin communities.

Once agreement is reached on the new Hua Hin planning regulations, Hua Hin Planning Committee will submit proposal to the Minister of the Interior Department for approval.

Hua Hin Municipality has to make adjustments and modification to the current regulations, because some senior members of Hua Hin community have expressed concerns about the current planning law. The new planning law must protect land ownership rights of villagers who have in posession land deeds and at the same time prevent conflict within community.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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