Food Training For Business Entrepreneurs

Hua Hin City Municipality Food Training For Business Entrepreneurs

Mr.Silaphan Kamolpramote, Mayor of Hua Hin, revealed that food contamination in Hua Hin is unfortunately on the increase. This is due to poor hygiene and unclean hands and incorrect storage at the wrong temperatures. It is now possible to buy ready made food from markets, whereas all the cooking was done at home, more and more people choose to eat out in the markets, and street stalls. Therefore it is surmised that "restaurants" are therefore the places in which people have their meals and possible source of contamination"

"Hua Hin District, is especially sensitive to this issue as it is considered one of the most important and well-known tourist attraction in the country. If any infectious diseases derive from contaminated food, then this could have a serious effect on Hua Hin City's tourism" .
The Public Heath, Sanitary, and Environmental Department, of Public Health and Environmental Unit, was assigned to hold a training program to deal with this serious issue, it will be directed at the food business entrepreneurs in the municipal area. This activity was conducted to help educate them on sanitaion and health issues to reduce the risk of consuming contaminated food, this is especially for the general public and tourists. Also, it aims to upgrade the standard of restaurants, and food stalls in the municipal area, and to protect the rights of consumers.

"The mentioned training project for food business entrepreneurs in the municipal area has been initiated to start at the end of April, and will help educate the entrepeneurs and consumers to realize and understand the appropriate sanitaion standards required by the Provision of Culinary Sanitaion. The entrepreneurs hopefully will come to realize the deficiencies and danger caused by poisionous chemicals contaminating fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats. They will be taught the correct procedures in how to purchase and store these kinds of foods to prevent any further contamination. If the entrepreneurs are willing to participate in this project, it is expected that, certainly, Hua Hin locals and tourists will be provided with sanitary, hygienic, and safe food without any contamination and germs which is fatally hazardous to the health of consumers."

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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