Governor & 130 Government Officials have been ordained as monks for HM the King

Hua Hin Klongwan TempleOn Saturday 15 September 2007 Governor of Prachaub Khiri Khan Province Khun Prasong Pitulkisja together with 130 Government Officials and staff of the Technical Klaikangwon College, were ordained at Klongwan Temple.

About two thousand local residents and government officers came early in the morning to the temple for the ceremony. At 9am all the persons ready to be ordained as Buddhist monks have walked three times around the temple in a procession. Then all of them went inside the temple for one hour long prayers lead by the Abbot.

One of the first persons to be ordained as a monk was the Governor Khun Prasong Pitulkisja. He and other ordained monks will stay at the temple for nine days. At the end of the ninth day, the newly ordained monks will remove their yellow robes and will go back to their families.

Pra Prasong said that every morning monks will go around village to receive food from the locals. Once they collect enough food they will go back to the temple. Each morning they will visit a different district and on Sunday 23rd of September they will come to Hua Hin early in the morning at about 7am.

Hua Hin Klongwan Temple Hua Hin Klongwan Temple
Hua Hin Klongwan Temple Hua Hin Klongwan Temple
Hua Hin Klongwan Temple Hua Hin Klongwan Temple

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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