Hua Hin Freigner Service Link Center works hard

Every day all staff officials of Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center welcome foreigners and help them with their problems. There are many cases when the land & house project owner breaks the contract . Some foreigners have paid money but are unable to get the land deed or Nor Sor 3. At the present time, there are many foreigner who ran land & houses sale business but the Thai law states clearly that foreigners are not allowed buy land in Thailand, they can only lease the land for 30 years. Almost all the contracts that are made are illegal. The foreign land buyers very often are not familiar with the Thai law or are mislead by the housing project owners.

Just recently Mr. Derek and Mr. Darnial come to meet Mr. Prasit Boonlikit, the Chief District Officer at the foreigner center. They bought the land & house fourteen months ago and so far have not received the land deed and other documents. The house they bought has a leaking roof. All the furniture have been ruined.

I another case house's walls have cracks, because rain water flows under the house.
Another person has paid the money for a house but construction project is already delayed for one year.

Mr. Prasit Boonlikit, the Chief District Officer has been made aware of the problem cases, he will make an investigation and will discuss these cases with the local lawyer how to resolve these problems.

Mr.Sanit Boonkohsakul as vice governor said that, next time the foreigner who wants to buy the land and house would have to discuss the purchase with Government Official before contract is made.

In order to avoid any problems please contact Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center. Staff at the center will ensure that any purchase is made according to the Thai law.


Important Announcement

This announcement is for all foreigners living in Hua Hin. Please do not forget to contact Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center before you make purchase of land & house. Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center will act as a consultant while you live in Hua Hin Thailand. Mr. Prasong Pitulkisja, the governor, and the staff working at the Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center will assist all the law-abiding foreigners with their problems.

Please contact Khun Tuck on 081 8994316.


Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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