Chief Judge attend a successful conciliatory insult case

An insult case has been brought to the Provincial Court three years ago. The last election campaign in Hua Hin Municipality has turned nasty and insults were traded between the main election candidates Khun Sirapan Kamolpramote (present Lord Mayor) and Khun Jira Phongpaibul (previous Lord Mayor).

This insult case was in the Provincial Court for more than three years. Khun Pralome Kashane, the Chief Jude of the Provincial Court has been transferred to Prachuab Khirikan just recently. The insult case has been allocated to him and he has decided to take this case to the Hua Hin Conciliatory Commities.

This is the first time he has tried find a compromise between the parties in a lawsuits case.

Chief Judge has welcomed the parties to the conciliatory room. Group Captain Umnouy Norewong as a president of conciliatory case has mediating between the parties until the compromise has been reached.

Khun Pralome Kashane a Chief Judge presented “Ong Jatukarm ramdhep” to everyone.

Finally the Chief Judge said that over 400 cases will be send to the Conciliatory Commities as many court case are unnecessary and they waste a lot of money which can be used instead for education of children or other things.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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