Chief District Officer & Vice Mayor encourage participation in 19th August referendum

At the end of last July, Chief District Officer Khun Prasit Boonlikit have arranged a march in Hua Hin to celebrate political reforms proposed in the draft of the new constitution. In the march around Hua Hin took part teachers, students and members of Hua Hin Assembly.

Through loud speakers Hua Hin residents were encouraged to participate in the 19th August referendum and cast their votes at the Municipal polling stations.

Voters will be asked to vote in favour or agains the proposed new constitution. Thailand is a democratic state with HM the King as the leader and Thai votes will make the right choice on Sunday 19 August.

Chief District Officer Khun Prasit Bonlikit said …I believe that Hua Hin residents will vote this time for themselves.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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