Coffeehouse Forum Meeting

On Wednesday 4 July 2007 Mr. Pralom Kashane, the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court has invited all government officials for a 'Coffeehouse Forum Meeting' . All present have met over breakfast to discuss a new legislation act and assigment of 19 Proficient Mediators to Conciliatory Commities.

Mr. Pralom Kashane has proposed that the Proficient Mediators should run 'Just Court' which would help reach a compromise in criminal or
civil cases without the need for these cases to be heard in the Provincial Court.

Once Conciliatory Commities' Mediators reach a compromise acceptable to both sides then the Chief Judge will present “Ong Jatikam ramdhep” to them.

Shortly after Proficient Mediators were assigned to Conciliatory Commities, one case has been heard in the 'Just Court' and a compromise has been reached with a happy ending for the litigant.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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