Hua Hin Local Services

Hua Hin Local Services

Hua Hin Telephone Organizations
Offices of the Telephone Organisation of Thailand (TOT) are located between Hua Hin Municipality and the railway station.
Thailand Telephone and Telegraph (TT&T) offices are located on Petchkasem Road.

Hua Hin Internet
Internet in Hua Hin can be accessed using either 56K modem (dial up), AirCards or DSL internet (hi-speed).
The 56k modem internet access
Internet hours packages are sold atn 7-Eleven, Family Mart and cyber cafes.
AirCard access
You need to buy PCMCIA card such as the Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 and package with time access.
Hi-speed DSL internet access
Most users subscribe to monthly DSL services, which gives unlimited hours for a fee. Hi-speed DSL internet access in Hua Hin is offered by CAT, TT&T, TOT, CS Loxinfo and Ji-NET.

Hua Hin Water
Water supplies in Hua Hin are provided by the Waterworks Division of the Hua Hin Municipality. The water is pumped from Pranburi Reservoir to a water purification plant Damnoenkasem Road. Mains water supplies all properties in the Hua Hin area, but many properties have additional tanks for water storage. Read more...

Hua Hin Gas
There is no gas pipe network in Hua Hin. Instead gas cylinders are commonly in use for cooking and can be delivered by supplier to your home. Read more...

Hua Hin TV
Thailand has five channels of free television service: Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 11. All the other Thai channels are technically owned by the Thai government. Read more

Hua Hin Electricity
Electricity system in Thailand is 220 volts 50 Hz. Electricity is provided by local goverment company.
Electricity sockets are usually of the flat or round two-pin type but there is a trend towards earthed three-pin outlets in many modern buildings. Adapters and voltage converters for any international plug type are available at hardware stores. Read more...

Hua Hin Refuse Collection
Hua Hin Municipality is responsible for collecting and transporting of refuse. Refuse collection service is free.

Households are told to place their rubbish bags in front of their dwellings between 18:00 and 03:00 on the specified day. This facilitates the collection process and avoids the risk of bin rummaging. Read more...

Hua Hin Post Office
Hua Hin Post Office is situated on Damnoen Kasem Road, opposite Hua Hin Police Station. The following items can be sent at the Hua Hin Post Office:Letters, Aerogrammes, Postcards, Printed papers, Small Packet, Domestic Parcel, International Parcel, EMS, Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Insured Mail and Express Delivery. Read more...

Hua Hin Banks
Staff working at Thai banks are generally quite helpful. Banks are open seven days a week. Hours are usually 9am-4:30pm, but some banks have extended hours till 7pm.There are many banks operating in Hua Hin (full list is available at the bottom of the page) offering similar service. All Hua Hin Banks will let you open current and saving account, apply for credit cards and exchange foreign currency. Read more...

If you own apartment, for most of the utility services you will pay at the condominium's office.It is more complicated if you have a house as you will be responsible for sorting out utility services to your house and for paying utility bills.

Paying for Utility Bills
The best place to pay bills is at 7-11 stores. You just walk in and give your bills to the counter attendant. They will charge you 10 baht service fee per bill.