Hua Hin Internet Access

Hua Hin InternetHua Hin Internet

Internet in Hua Hin can be accessed using either 56K modem (dial up), AirCards or DSL internet (hi-speed).


The 56k modem internet access
Internet hours packages are sold atn 7-Eleven, Family Mart and cyber cafes.

Thailand Internet CardAirCard access
You need to buy PCMCIA card such as the Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 and package with time access.

Hi-speed DSL internet access
Most users subscribe to monthly DSL services, which gives unlimited hours for a fee. Hi-speed DSL internet access in Hua Hin is offered by CAT, TT&T, TOT, CS Loxinfo and Ji-NET.

Internet Bills
Phone bills can be paid at 7-Eleven, TOT's office, TT&T's office, banks, ATM and Post Office

Hi-speed DSL internet access from CAT Telecom
The Hi-Net Sale Department at CAT Hua Hin office can be contacted on 032-511-350-1.

Hi-speed DSL internet access from TT&T
Contact TT&T Call Center on 1103

Hi-speed DSL internet access from CS Loxinfo
Contact CS Loxinfo on 02-263-8222       

Hi-speed DSL internet access from Ji-NET
Contact Ji-NET on 02-831-7000       

Hi-speed DSL internet access from TOT

Hi-Speed Internet is now available to serve all people in the City of Hua Hin for better cyber communication.  With speed of 2Mb/ 3Mb/4Mb/6Mb/8Mb and 12Mb, you can choose one of speeds to suit your use. Moreover you also can choose the uploaded speed 512 Kb or 1 Mb!!! For more information please contact Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT), Hua Hin,
Tel.0-3251 1173-75. Register now get MODEM 1port Free !!

Hua Hin TOT Internet