Hua Hin Immigration Department

Hua Hin Immigration office

Hua Hin Immigration Office is located at Soi 23 in Hua Hin. All members of the Immigration office at Hua Hin police station speak English. In this office a full service is offered to the public except for changing the type of visa. While it is possible to change to retirement visa all other types of visa must be dealt in Bangkok.

Without seeing the type of passport it is impossible for the office to answer telephone enquiries relating to visas. In order to avoid misunderstanding you should bring your passpost with you to the office.

The office is extremely busy for its size. In one month, more than 1000 cases are processed by this office. When you apply for work permit the office normally checks if the job can be done by Thai person. Tthe employer will be asked why they need to hire a foreigner, if a Thai person can do the job. The work permit will be issued according to the visa type and renewal date. Normally it is initially for only a maximum of three months.

There are 9 full staff. Apart from from the sub-inspector, there are 2 investigators, 5 persons to administer visa extensions and 1 person to receive reports on foreigners staying in the kingdom.

Operating hours are 8:30hrs to 15:30hrs, Monday to Friday except public holidays.

Common Problems

Before the immigration police can deport someone there has to be a successful prosecution in court. If the behaviour of the foreigner is considered to be treatening to Thailand or Thai society then the police can cancel the visa. This process requires that evidence be presented to a special committee at the Immigration Bureau. When a foreigner is arrested by the immigration department, a local police inspector normally questions him. The matter is then reported to the court and to his embassy. Normally the embassy will send someone to interview the prisoner. After this, the matter has to go before the courts to be resolved. If the court finds that the behavior is treatening Thai society or a member of Thai society, the foreigner can be banned from Thailand for life.

The fine for overstaying your visa is 500baht per day. If you voluntarily report that you have overstayed you will be fined more than 20000Baht. If your overstay problem is discovered by the police then you will be reported to the court and the fine can be very large. Remember, if you overstay, you can pay at the airport however if you refuse to pay you will be arrested and your case will be referred to the court. For those who refuse to pay the fine will be imprisoment in Thailand. For every day spend in jail, 200Baht is deducted from the fine. However as you are fined 500baht per day this means that you will need to spend two and half days in jail for every day that you overstay. Unbelievably, there are some people who believe that this is the best solution! When you have served the required number of days you will be expelled from Thailand.

Illegal workers
For those who have a work permit but do not work in accordance with the permit will also be arrested and brought before a court. Normally in this case bail will be granted and it will not be necessary to spend time in jail. As they have a work permit thay can continue to work in accordance with the terms of the permit until the court hears the case.