Driving in Hua Hin

Driving in Hua Hin

There are more and more cars in Hua Hin and at times you can notice traffic jams at Phetchkasem Road, especially during weekend and holidays.

The preferred mode of transport for Hua Hin residents are motorbikes. They are cheap to run and it is very easy to park them.

Car drivers must an additional care when driving close to motorbikes as in case of accident the car driver is always at fault accoring to the Thai traffic regulations.

When minor collision with motorbike occurs you will need to pay compensation for the damage. For more serious accidents police will arrive and will deal with the situation appropriately.

There are several traffic lights on the main street crossing. You will also notice a time will inform when traffic lights will change next. Usually the interval between traffic lights changes is not grater than 60 seconds. The main intersection is between Phetchkasem Road and Damnoernkasem Road right next to Hua Hin Municipality and Hua Hin Police Station.

During peak times Traffic Police controls the flow of traffic. They also help with traffic next to Hua Hin's school. At around 8:30am and 3:30pm parents in cars and school busses come to schools to drop or pick up school children.

Hua Hin Pedestrian CrossingPedestrians

Footpaths in Hua Hin are about 30cm above the street level. This prevents footpaths being flooded during heavy rainfalls. The footpaths in Hua Hin are generally in poor condition and footpaths in the center are used it as a shop display area. Often there is no choice but to walk on the street, besides many local streets have no footpaths at all.

The main street, Phetchkasem Road, is very busy and it is always very difficult to cross it. It is generally easier to cross Phetchkasem Road it in the center at traffic lights but be aware that even when the red lights are displayed, vehicles can turn left anytime.

You should always make sure that there are no cars or motorbikes approaching before you step down on the road.