Hua Hin Hospitals

Hua Hin HospitalHua Hin Hospital

Phetchakasem Road (after Hua Hin Airport)
(032) 547 351/2

Hua Hin Hospital has been developed recently and new 10 floor building was opened in 2007. Hua Hin hospital provides Trauma, Heart Disease, Surgical, Orthopedics and Nuerology facilities equipped with the latest medical technology.
There will be also V.I.P. floor to serve The King and royal family members.

Hua Hin HospitalDr.Chainan Thayawiwa has launched campaign to raise fund for the hospital's equipment. He has contacted an Abbot of Huaymongkol temple to make the Jatukarm (small Buddha image) for sale. The Abbot is planning to produce and sale about three hundred thousand coins, each coin cost 299 Baht. The sale of Jatukarm expect to raise about 90 million baht for Hin Hospital. In addition, the Abbot donated more 3 million baht. Now Thanks to this campaign Dr. Chainan will be able to buy new equipment for Hua Hin Hospital.

Anyone in Hua Hin or Prachaub Kirikhan interested in donating to the foundation funds or medical equipment please contact at Hua Hin Hospital 032-520-401 or 081-1952 8145 . More information will be posted as we get it.

San Paolo International Hospital
222 Phetchakasem Road
(032) 532 578, 532 576

San PauloHua-Hin hospital, a private hospital with a 120 bed capacity, is located at the famous beach resort of Hua-Hin, providing efficient healthcare services 24 hours a day by leading specialist and medical personnels,equipped with modern medical facilities.

San Paulo Hospital welcomes all kinds of insurance such as social security, life insurance and car accident insurance. As for the foreigners, services are geared to coordinate with the foreign insurance and assistance companies.

Hua Hin Red Cross
Thai Red Cross Health Station No 10

Damneonkasem Road
(Between Hua Hin Municipality
and Pone Kingpeth Memorial Park)
(032) 512 526, 511 024, 512 567

Hua Hin Red Cross provides:
Medical services - In and Out Patients Care
Emergency assistance during disasters
Blood service
Community service ( Family Search, Adoption Search, First Aid, Medicine, Medical Supplies)


Hua Hin Hospital


Other hospitals close to Hua Hin:

Petcharat Hospital Petchaburi
Tel: 032-417070-8

Pranburi Hospital
Tel: 032-621757

Cha-am Hospital
Tel: 032-471808


Below we list average Hua Hin hospital prices

Procedure Thai prices
Orthopedic Surgery  
Knee cap alignment. Arthroscopic lateral release and medial plication and debridement 210,000
Reconstruction of cruciate ligament 250,000
Reconstruction of cruciate ligament using Navigator system - US$8,000 280,000
Reconstruction of cruciate ligament using computer assisted surgery - US$8,600 301,000
CT Scans and MRI  
CT Chest 12,000
CT Lower abdomen including colon 12,000
CT Upper abdomen including spleen 12,000
CT Lung 8,600
Cardiac CT 64 slice of heart 12,900
CT Scan upper and lower abdomen 25,000
MRI upper and lower abdomen 38,000
MRI Upper without contrast 16,000
MRI Lower without contrast 16,000
General surgery  
Open herniorrhaphy 120,000
Laperoscopic herniorrhaphy 200,000
Colonoscopy, OPD under sedation 12,500
Colonoscopy and gastroscopy 19,500
Colonoscopy under full anesthesia 25,000
Virtual colonoscopy  30,000
Urological surgery  
Microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration and IVF 150,000
Vasectomy 15,000
Vasectomy reversal 90,000
Biopsy of testes 60,000
Benign prostate reduction (turp) 100,000
Benign prostate reduction (laser PVP) 210,000
Adult circumcision local anethesia 14,000
Adult circumcision general anesthesia 40,000
Adult circumcision electric cautery local anesthesia 15,000
Adult circumcision electric cautery general anesthesia 27,000
Prostate exam (per visit) 1,000
PSA Test 1,440
Testosterone level test 1,340
Obesity surgery  
Lap band 350,000
Gastric bypass 450,000
Eye surgery  
LASIK - both eyes (TRSC is 66, 73 or 79,500) 66,000
SuperSight - both eyes 240,000
SuperVision - both eyes 150,000
Heart Surgery  
Coronorary angiography 46,250
Coronorary angioplasty (PTCA or balloon) 153,550
Coronorary angioplasty plus PTCA 177,600
Coronorary artery bypass graft 481,000
Mitral, aortic valve replacement (1 valve) 503,200
Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures  
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) 130,000
Abdominoplasty plus liposuction love handles 160,000
Cheek bone implants 60,000
Bat Ear Correction (Local anesthesia) 36,000
Bat Ear Correction (General anesthesia) 50,000
Naso labial fold filling 25,000
Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty Package 18,000
Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty Package 34,200
Forehead lift plus U and L blepharoplasty 162,000
Bilateral breast enhancement without implant 66,000
Bilateral breast enhancement (incl smooth saline implant) 90,000
Bilateral breast enhancement (incl smooth silicone implant) 90,000
Breast Augmentation (Including smooth saline Implant)  90,000
Breast Augmentation (Including gel Implant)  100,000
Breast Reduction 99,000
Male breast reduction  
Breast lift with implant 105,000
Replace breast implant with new implant 105,000
Areola reduction 35,000
Mini face lift 90,000
Mini face lift plus U and L blepharoplasty 142,200
Face Lift 100,000
Neck Lift 90,000
Face, neck and upper OR lower eyelids 146,000
Face, neck and upper AND lower eyelids 172,200
Total Face Lift - face, neck, brow 120,000
Face lift + Neck lift 180,000
Brow lift 80,000
Forehead lift 100,000
Lip Augmentation (IPD) 63,000
Alarplasty (reduce nose width) 13,000
Chin implant Silicone OPD 45,000
Chin implant Silicone - IPD 60,000
Chin implant Gore-Tex OPD 50,000
Chin implant Gore-Tex - IPD 65,000
Cheek implants 60,000
Genioplasty (Reshaping of the chin) 70,000
Sex reassignment surgery 270,000
Liposuction (first area) 90,000
Liposuction (additional areas at the same time) 30,000
Liposuction (under chin) 85,000
Liposuction (abdomen and waist) 100,000
Liposuction abdomen and love handles 90,000
Liposuction (back and hips) 100,000
Liposuction (thighs and buttocks) 76,000
Liposuction (both thighs) 120,000
Augmentation Rhinoplasty Package 16,200
Corrective Rhinoplasty (open, reduction) 72,000
Alarplasty (reduce nose width) 50,000
Buttock lift 120,000
Arm lift 120,000
Orthopedic Surgery  
Total Hip Joint Replacement 250,000
Total Knee Joint Replacement 300,000
Diagnostic Procedures  
Chest X-Ray 400
EKG 500
Pap smear 580
HIV test 15,000