Driving in Thailand

Driving a car or motorcycle in Thailand:

Traffic in Thailand drives on the left side of the road.

Most drivers are well mannered. You will hardly hear a car honking and anger is never displayed. Despite this, traffic is rather hectic in and around busy town centers. Overtaking on both sides is a norm. Flashing lights means that the car is comming through. On many rural roads you will find motorcycles and cars driving against (one way) traffic.

In Bangkok very often roads change their one-way direction at certain hours of the day in order to help with the city's traffic jams. During rush hour police change the flow of traffic, which causes one way roads to suddenly run in the opposite directions or the number of lanes being reduced. Regular roads can become bus lanes, which then causes thousands of drivers to exit from the incorrect ramps on the expressway, thus clogging up traffic worse than before.

Driving around Thailand's country side at night can be hazardous, especially on holidays and long weekends.

Fuel prices at main petrol station updated daily.